Internal support functions are significant to any business. Operations, Back Office, Shared Services or whichever model your company uses, this business unit is the lifeblood of any organization. They are comprised of a vast number of people, parts, and processes.
“You can’t do today’s job with yesterday’s methods and be in business tomorrow.” – George W. Bush

People, parts, and processes must all work in cohesion to ensure that the organization can perform its daily revenue-generating functions. Human Resources must make sure that the Finance Department has the appropriate pay rates so that the Forklift Operators in the warehouse do not walk off the job causing product deliveries to be made late. One disruption in the process can send your ability to conduct business spiraling out of control.

Seamless operations and production ensures that an organization can perform their functions at peak levels and minimizes susceptibility for errors. Being efficient should be ingrained in the company’s culture.

How We Help Our Clients

SEQ’s consultants are cognizant that operational efficiency is critical to quality. Every business, even those who appear to be operating seamlessly, can always find room for improvement. SEQ focuses on those organizations who are faced with rising costs, reduced profits, or decreased capacity due to inefficient operations.

SEQ’s consultants and advisors are well-versed in a number of process improvement strategies including Lean, Six Sigma, Business Process Re-engineering (BPR), and Business Process Management (BPM). More often, we choose to assess the client’s operational status and customize our strategies and action plan to suit their current needs.

We do not believe in a “one size fits all” solution as every business is not the same size.